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Enjoying Pole Dancing Hens Night in Melbourne

Are you searching for a unique and fun way to your Hens Night? You are about to find a great idea for this. “Hen Night” is a bachelorette party which is held for the bride-to-be, few days before the wedding day. During the Hen Night, the bride to celebrate it with her female family members and friends. This night is meant to be the most memorable, relaxing, fun event of an individual’s life before the marriage.


Usually, the bride or her friends are the ones, who organize and plan the whole event. Duration of Hen Night can be from few hours, one night or a full weekend. The main attraction of this party is pole dancing, music, cocktail drinks, female bonding, and assured fun are some of the important parts of a hen night party. There are many options for planning activities for your Hen party. So, in case you don’t want to spoil your mood with a below the averagely rated hens party, check out what you need to do:

  1. Take professional planning team to organize the party. It is always better to have a good discussion with experienced team as ideas come up well with proper discussion
  2. Plan and make a list of all these planning to check if you are going to the right track of the planning. Check if the bookings for the meal is done. Check if the place for meal offers open space and consists adequate arrangements.
  3. Pole dancing hens night parties in Melbourne is hosted on a regular basis. Research on them to think what kind of pole dance will attract the audience. Also plan out for different activities in the party. You surely don’t want your party to be predictable and boring.
  4. Make a list of the guests to be invited and arrange for drinks to nibble at the dinner party. For a more thrilling and rowdy experience, cut short the oldies from the guest list. It’s hard, but it’s not difficult either!
  5. Plan out for any dress that peps up your mood and makes you look the real queen of the party. Check out all the dollar stores for clothes and pick up one that suites the ravishing occasion of hens night party.
  6. Make some plans for exciting games round, something that all would enjoy and its not just you who would take the fun.

With this in mind, enjoy your wild side and get a little raunchy with your girls without getting embarrassed the next day. Dance and get to the rhythm of the music played in your Pole dancing hens night party. For more fun, you could even plan to learn pole dance yourself and take with you some of your friends. Enjoy it, love it and cherish it. Its the day for you to shake your legs!


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